Client Testimonials

“Transformative relationships are the core of our culture... Something our whole team fights for everyday”
— Hope Young, Founder of Center for Music Therapy
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Testimonial 1

"My daughter, who has a myriad of special needs, began therapy at CFMT 15 years ago and we are still going strong. This was where she first began to string words together through music, which jump started her ability to talk at age 5! The love, patience, encouragement, skill and dedication of the therapists at CFMT is one of a kind. They continue to develop and tailor Abby's treatment plan according to her needs as she grows and changes over time. They treat mind, body and soul which to me is the most comprehensive and effective method. We are forever grateful for their service to Abby. They have greatly enriched her life, a life that not one day of which is taken for granted." – Wendy, Mother of Patient

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Testimonial 2

"Music therapy has not only brought our son great improvements in motor planning, finger strength, communication and attention span, it has brought him great JOY as well. There is no place Jadyn would rather be than in a room making music with Eddie. In a world where he often feels overwhelmed, the Center for Music Therapy provides a refuge where our son feels truly connected. Listening to Jadyn and Eddie sing and play together in perfect step is a true highlight of my week." – Cindy, Mother of Patient

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testimonial 3

"We have been with Center for Music Therapy for over 10 years and have seen them grow over the years. All the therapists have been great. Trey has participated in 2 Rock and Roll Music Therapy sessions and had a great time. He has improved tremendously in his guitar playing and even sings some now. When they do music videos for emotion, etc, he has come home and told me about songs he has heard and talked about who we know that would like them. It has been a really good experience for Trey, who has autism, and grown with him as his needs have changed." – Jill, Mother of Patient