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I Am, My Voice...

Stay tuned for on the next installment of "I Am My Voice." Details to be announced soon!

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Call 512-472-5016 or email to enroll and for more information. 



Rock-N-Roll Music Therapy Workshop III

Rock-N-Roll Music Therapy Workshop is back! We just completed our April 2018 workshop and can't wait for the next one! Please check back for new workshop dates or simply give us a call / email if you can't wait. During the workshop, participants are safely and successfully led by an experienced music therapist/band leader to collaborate as a creative team toward the exciting opportunity of making music with others and having fun! Friendship, interpersonal skills, expressive communication, risk taking, compromise/flexibility, cognitive skills, and self-esteem will be targeted as we work through challenges to successful project creation. Rock-N-Roll Music Therapy is your chance to be a Rockstar!  Prerequisite skills required to enroll: 1. Participants must currently or in the past have successfully been in individual music therapy 2. Participants must complete and pass a free screening with band leader Eddie Konopasek, MT-BC to enroll and participate in this workshop.

Cost: $800.00 (Must be paid in full in advance)

Meets: Twice a week for one hour sessions.

Call 512-472-5016 or email to enroll and for more information. 

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Career in Music Therapy Workshop - August 2018

Choosing, building and sustaining a career in Music Therapy or a related field is the focus of this three day workshop. The workshop will explore options for a person interested in a Music Therapy, music healing or related field. It will guide you through personal life planning exercises to explore who you are and what you want from a career. The workshop will then guide you through resources and information that will be helpful in making the best choices about further education and/or professional development to put you into the most beneficial position to support and sustain your career.

The cost is $500.00 a person, and it must be paid in full at the time of registration. The dates are mid August, please reach out for more detailed information. The workshop will be held at the Center for Music Therapy, Inc. in Austin, TX. After you have registered, you will receive an email with the workshop schedule and your initial homework. You should complete the homework prior to arriving in order to get the most out of the workshop. The workshop will be facilitated by Hope Young, MT-BC owner/founder of The Center for Music Therapy, Inc. and Founder/Executive Director of the Soundwell. During the workshop, you will observe clinical work by a music therapist, participate in panel discussions with music therapists and patients, receive introductory training in financial management planning, and have access to music therapy periodicals and resources. The workshop includes a one-on-one mentoring session with Hope Young. Additionally, the workshop will conduct breakout sessions focused on but not limited to these specific topics:

1) Choosing the right university program or paraprofessional program

2) Setting up and maintaining a business in Music Therapy

3) Planning a career, setting short term and long term goals, and developing strategies to achieve your goals

Comments from Participants:

"What a blessing this workshop has been! A great way to find direction and how to pursue a career in Music Therapy. All my questions were answered." --Vicki Schweiss, Arlington, TX

"I really enjoyed the workshop and the opportunity to see and talk with a professional. To see how her business works was helpful in making decisions about my future." --Leonard Lee, Sun City, TX

"The workshop was so helpful! It gave me a better understanding of Music Therapy and helped me to realize my hopes and goals for the future." --Krystine Smith, New Orleans, LA